Dear Zainab, the heavens and earth cries for you

Imagine your small, defenceless daughter or son being taken away from home, brutally raped, murdered then their bodies thrown in a dumpsite like a piece of trash….Exactly it is far too painful to even imagine. Unfortunately, for 7 year old Zainab from Kasur, Pakistan this was her reality and her end.

This despicable ordeal occurred on the fourth of January, today it is the 13th of January, how is it possible that the local police force have not identified the perpetrator of this heinous human right’s violation? Furthermore, according to BBC police reports six other victims have been identified with the identical traces of DNA on their clothes or bodies. Therefore, the painful truth is that this barbaric individual has abused multiple other victims with some possibly unidentified and is free to roam Pakistan with a possibility of escape. Bear in mind, that this is a country that somehow successfully manages to track down ‘blasphemers’, or ‘apostates’, or those simply stating a ‘offensive‘ comment. However, when numerous incidences of child rape accompanied with their murder arises, the police magically have no knowledge of the perpetrator. Well how about the community? Why has there been no individual who knows the criminal or his whereabouts, or a neighbour/family member of the criminal?

Unfortunately, Zainab is not the only victim of child sexual violence. Channel 4’s documentary ‘Pakistan’s Hidden Shame’ presented boys younger than 12 in impoverish conditions, selling sex to earn a living, with many of their lives endangered. This problem is highly abundant across Pakistan, with the research showing key areas of child sexual exploitation were Peshawar and Karachi. Moreover, studies indicate that even Islamic schools or Madrassahs are infested with child sexual abuse and rape….a so called ‘ISLAMIC’ school!

This indicates the hypocrisy of the society which on one hand claims to uphold the ideals of a Islamic Republic and on the other hand allows and refuses to inhibit the vast onset of child sexual exploitation.

Reports clearly indicate the disregard of children’s rights across Pakistan, today it will be one criminal identified, however how many more are roaming freely without facing the repercussions?

Imran Khan, the PTI party leader posted on Twitter: The condemnable & horrific rape & murder of little Zainab exposes once again how vulnerable our children are in our society. This is not the first time such horrific acts have happened. We have to act swiftly to punish the guilty & ensure that our children are better protected.

The problem is the constant downplaying of sexual exploitation in Pakistan, where victims are forced to remain silent or face humiliation for their own abuse. Other victims vanish, never to be found again, others have their remains found in dump sites like Zainab. The country happens to punish women based on their clothing however, where is that same energy towards vast quantities of rapists? This problem will not fix unless we as a society unite and focus on eradicating this parasitic crime from every corner of Pakistan. It is our duty as moral human beings to protect the livelihoods of our children, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment.
Child sexual exploitation is a violation of human rights AND Islamic divine law. This has to be ended now.

Thanks for reading,

Homeyrah 🙂

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